Purified Water Storage & Distribution System

Purified Water Storage & Distribution System

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Purified Water Storage & Distribution System :

Pure water distribution system is employed in pharmaceutical unit to distribute the purified & distilled water. Purified Water Storage & Distribution System consists of Storage Tank , recirculation pump, S.S. 316 L piping with user points at various locations & the instrumentation to monitor / control the system. We have a specific approach with following steps to build the Water Distribution Systems, which complies the USFDA & European Validation Standards.

  • Designing : One of the important part is "DESIGN " of the system, with which the system built suffices the critical requirement for validation of the system & continuous maintenance of consistent quality of water.
    • Turbulence flow by pump to retard the biofilm development
    • Velocity Maintenance in Return Line
    • Tank Turn Over
    • Monitoring & Data logging of the process parameter by PLC & SCADA
  • Metallurgy : Water Distribution System has S.S. 316L EP Tanks & Electropolished pipes & fittings. The entire loop is orbitally welded. Our system features :
    • Orbitally Welded Pipes
    • EP Storage Tank & Fittings
    • Boroscopy test of weld joints
  • Installation : Water Distribution System is installed with technics to avoid mechanical displacement , corrosion & to achieve sanitary integrity of the system.
    • Slopes for complete drainability
    • Automatic ( Orbital )Welding with Compatible filler wire & inert gas.
    • Follow up cleaning & passivation
  • Documentation : It is a very important part of the entire process, which reflects the in-depth details of the system designing , Installation , operation & performance of the system. The validation documentation includes the following documents , which is necessary to validate the system & to prepare the SOP's for daily operation of the system.
    • DQ : Design Qualification
    • IQ : Installation Qualification
    • OQ : Operational Qualification
    • PQ : Performance Qualification